Why and How I Sold My Profitable Niche Website

My incredibly detailed account of selling a profitable niche website for $55,000 after only two years of building it from the ground up.

I Launched a Business-Focused Podcast Because Why Not?

For years I've debated doing another podcast. I ran a successful one in 2014 that's still going and extremely popular. Can I do it again? Who knows?

My 2017 Annual Review That Every Other Business Blogger Does in January Too

Last year, I wrote a year-in-review. And I'm doing it again because it was popular. So here's my annual review of all my successes and failures in 2017.

Want To Build a Software Startup? Don’t Do These 4 Things.

This is what it took to build a software startup. The failures, the fights, the wins, and most importantly, the FUCKING STRESS! This is our story.

I Demoted Myself So My Business Could Grow

I'm a bottleneck. The business doesn't grow if I'm in control. I'm not the right person for the job. So I hired more talented people and fired myself.

Amazon Fucked Me, So I Changed My Entire Online Business Model

Thanks to Amazon, I completely revamped and optimized the Swim University brand in 25 days with new code, new products, and a brand new business model.

The Digital Media Company Mission

I don't want to strive for the middle and build a "lifestyle business." I want to build a media company with high-quality brands in different verticals.

The Definitive Guide to Podcast Marketing

How did we crack the top 100 podcasts on iTunes? Here are the 12 tricks (plus 30 more) that we tested and proved work for podcast marketing from scratch.

Making The Home Barista Video Course

I made an online video course for Roasty Coffee during a snowboarding vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado. This article is a behind-the-scenes recap.

The 2016 Year In Review The Internet Made Me Write

I received many requests to share updates on Money Lab Challenges in 2016. And true to form, there will be details. LOADS of money-making details. Ready?

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