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I'm Matt Giovanisci and this is my podcast. I have brutally honest conversations with my friends about business and what it takes to make money online without being a fucking douche nugget.

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Affiliate marketing can be lucrative or a royal pain in the tuckus. But if you practice the art of honesty, transparency, and employ some excellent secrets we reveal in the show, you can nail it before you scale it. Then, you'll be sitting in the catbird seat, higgledy-piggledy. Enjoy!

What if I said you could triple your website traffic by deleting a third of your content? That's what Todd Tressider and Pat Flynn taught me, so I put it to the test. Andrew and I discuss the merits of doing a content audit on your site and what that can do to improve your website traffic. Enjoy!

Are you a rule breaker? Do you blindly follow the pack? Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to? This is an episode about not listening to us...or anyone. Instead of practicing hero worship, look towards yourself. Stop taking advice from others and trust your gut when it comes to your own business. Everything is an experiment. And nobody has a secret sauce to help you with your business. Just because someone is giving you advice, doesn’t mean they’re right. Listen to yourself. Trust the numbers. Do what works for you and your business. What works for you might not work for someone else. That's what Andrew and I are discussing on this episode. Enjoy!

What's in your wallet? Money? Good. That's where money should go. But when it comes to running an online business, the rules for managing your money are a little different. Andrew and I talk about how we manage our business finances with the right tools and the right team members. 3njoy!

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