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I'm Matt Giovanisci and this is my podcast. I have brutally honest conversations with my friends about business and what it takes to make money online without being a fucking douche nugget.

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Money Lab with Matt Giovanisci

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An Untapped Treasure Trial of Ideas

Coming up with content ideas isn't hard. But after a while, you can run out and start rehashing old ideas. Boo! So, Sean Ogle and I talk about the strategies we use to keep an endlessly moist supply of blog and video topics flowing on our hobby sites. Enjoy!

Writing Words On The Internet

Both Zack Sexton and I write words on the Internet. Meaning, we publish articles on our own websites. And we talk about how we write, what we use to write, and publishing often. Words are the most important online asset. Don't you agree? Enjoy!

'Cause Baby, You're The Boss at Home

It's "squeaky bum time" with my girlfriend, Stephanie Halligan. We talk about working from home, productivity when no one's pushing, and taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally (that's Steph's dept.). And you can learn more by watching the smash music video, "Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign" by Fifth Harmony. Enjoy!

Do You YouTube, Dude?

I'm talking YouTube to my dude, Thomas Frank. We're in my office, drinking coffee, and discussing what it's like scripting, filming, and editing your own high-quality vids. We talk about the business of "YouTubbing," which I'm pretty sure is a word. Either way, it is now. Enjoy!

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