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I'm Matt Giovanisci and this is my podcast. I have brutally honest conversations with my friends about business and what it takes to make money online without being a fucking douche nugget.

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We talk to Caleb Wojcik about how he and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income are creating and launching a physical product this year. They built a tripod for vloggers called SwitchPod. Enjoy!

We might be entering a legit business partnership...again. Ut oh! What does that mean? Is that stupid? Is that smart? We have an honest conversation about what a new partnership would look like and if it makes sense. Enjoy!

31 episodes are in the bag! Thanks for following along with us. Did we grow? Listen and find out. Enjoy!

What is it! Just tell us! Do we have to listen? Yes. You do. I also wrote an article about it, but listening about making money is more fun. Don't ya think? Enjoy!

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