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My name is Matt Giovanisci. I'm a serial entrepreneur. I'm half Italian. And Money Lab is where I challenge myself to make money building profitable brands by ignoring all that online marketing bullshit. Learn more.

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Why and How I Sold My Profitable Niche Website

My incredibly detailed account of selling a profitable niche website for $55,000 after only two years of building it from the ground up.

I Launched a Business-Focused Podcast Because Why Not?

For years I've debated doing another podcast. I ran a successful one in 2014 that's still going and extremely popular. Can I do it again? Who knows?

My 2017 Annual Review That Every Other Business Blogger Does in January Too

Last year, I wrote a year-in-review. And I'm doing it again because it was popular. So here's my annual review of all my successes and failures in 2017.

Want To Build a Software Startup? Don’t Do These 4 Things.

This is what it took to build a software startup. The failures, the fights, the wins, and most importantly, the FUCKING STRESS! This is our story.

I Demoted Myself So My Business Could Grow

I'm a bottleneck. The business doesn't grow if I'm in control. I'm not the right person for the job. So I hired more talented people and fired myself.

Amazon Fucked Me, So I Changed My Entire Online Business Model

Thanks to Amazon, I completely revamped and optimized the Swim University brand in 25 days with new code, new products, and a brand new business model.

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