About Me

My name is Matt Giovanisci. I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. But there's nothing magical about it. I wake up whenever, put on my sweatpants, and enjoy Eggs Benedict before work just like everyone else.

I won't teach you how to build a business or what app will increase your Facebook pokes. I'm going to make money and share my process. That's it.

I'll work hard, fuck up, and maybe succeed sometimes. Subscribe, too.

About Matt Giovanisci

What Makes Me So Special?

I started a website in 2006 called Swim University. The site now makes over $250,000 a year but it took 10 years.

I co-founded a personal finance brand called Listen Money Matters in 2013. I left after a year, but it's still awesome and I'm proud of it.

In March 2015, I started a coffee education website called Roasty. It's like Swim University, but about brewing coffee instead of pool maintenance. It's growing and I believe it will be successful in 10 years.

Now I created Money Lab so I can build more brands, make more money, and write off my homebrewing hobby. Speaking of which, I started a homebrewing site called Brew Cabin.

I design and code. Write the words. Film and edit the videos. Produce the podcasts. Illustrate the graphics. But now I have a team that helps me.

My 10 Brand Rules

  1. Have fun. Make money.
  2. Be honest and 100% transparent.
  3. Ignore "best practices" or do the opposite.
  4. Show. Don't tell.
  5. Always entertain.
  6. Challenges must have a deadline.
  7. Design to make consuming content easy or entertaining.
  8. Writing should be casual, short, and to-the-point.
  9. Do what you're best at and the money will take care of itself.
  10. Don't spread yourself thin.

The idea for these rules came from Chuck Jones' "Road Runner Rules."

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