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I made it easy for you to join my mailing list. And yet you think this is a game. This is not a game. I want your email address! And I want it NOW!

Maybe I'll send you a free e-book. Maybe you'll get a series of "valuable" emails. Maybe I'll delete it.

It’s not your home address. It’s not your mother’s maiden name. It’s not your social security number. Google has all that. If I wanted to, I could Liam Neeson that information. Don’t make me use my specific set of skills.

This doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's really simple. I started this page with a welcome mat. That should've gotten me your email address. But maybe it didn't. Oh well. I have more tactics.

Welcome to the middle of the post. Now can I please have your email address?


Before I started this post, I gave you a chance to give me your email address. I gave you a simple link to click. Did you click it? I asked nicely. I said, "please." That should've worked.

Check out the bar at the top of this page. It just keeps following you. No matter where you go, it follows. There's nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

You start reading this post. You're like, "I'm not interested in this content." You try to leave. But guess what? Exit intent popup. In your face!

Ok, maybe you like this content. Respect 👊

You're reading and enjoying yourself. You're saying, "the person who wrote this is really intelligent." You're 100% right! But then, you keep scrolling and you still haven't given me your email address.

Don't worry, I got a slide-in opt-in box coming from the bottom right corner of the screen. WATCH OUT! Did you see it? Did you give me your email address?


Well, shit. You're smarter than I thought.

Now you're probably thinking, "I like this guy's content, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give him my precious email address."

We're talking about the same email address you use to sign up for daily cat GIFs. The same one that Nigerian Prince has. The same one you use to sign up for the free one-day trial of porn.

Still reading? Boom! 90-second pop-up for the ultimate conversion! Give me your email address!

But that's not all. I'm retargeting you on Facebook and Instagram. Don't believe me? Go there right now. Wait, give me your email address before you do.

Do you know what I do all day?

I sit at my computer and refresh ActiveCampaign. I put effort into annoying the shit out of you until you give me the ONE thing I've wanted since you landed on this page!

What am I saying? Why am I still trying to convince you. I'm done. I'm giving up.

I did everything I could to get your email address.

  • I made sure none of these tactics prevented you from enjoying the article.
  • I started the site with a welcome mat (that is known to work 51.7% of the time, every time).
  • I added a bar to follow you so you remember (which is supposed to increase my subscribers by 25%).
  • I asked politely for it with a friendly link at the start of this killer post.
  • I put a subscribe box right in the middle of this awesome post.
  • I waited till you scrolled a little before sliding in (which can have a better conversion rate than a pop-up).
  • I waited even longer to show you an kick-ass popup box (apparently this should double or triple my conversion rate).
  • And I even tried to get it when you tried to leave this page (which apparently can increase my subscriber rate by 600%).

Oh wait!

There's one more tactic I can try.

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