Are You Missing Out on the Lifestyle Business You Want?


Hustlin® (wurkallthetime) is for online entrepreneurs looking to get ahead in business. Symptoms include lack of income, shiny object syndrome, and stress.



Entrepreneurs with “dreamers” psychosis (having lost touch with reality due to hearing too many success stories) taking Hustlin® are at an increased risk of giving up on their dreams compared to people who just do the work. Hustlin® is not approved for treating entrepreneurs with bad business ideas and lack of focus.

Hustlin® has increased the risk of success in some entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs of all ages starting treatment should be watched closely for loss of sleep, strained eyes, too many thoughts or ideas, desk chair sores, unusual changes in behavior, agitation, and irritability. Entrepreneurs and their families should pay close attention to any changes, especially sudden changes in mood, behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. This is very important when Hustlin® is started or when the dose is changed. Report any change in these symptoms immediately to your mastermind. Hustlin® is not approved for anyone who doesn’t have guts.

Hustlin® can cause serious side effects, including increased brand awareness, more backlinks, and exponential growth.

Burnout (BO) is a common and very serious condition that can happen in people who take Hustlin®. BO can cause rash decisions, giving up, and must be treated right away with a fucking break. Call your business coach right away if you experience burnout and have some or all of these symptoms: excessive questioning, confusion, frequent pivoting, or changes in your process.

Over Motivation (OM) is a serious and sometimes permanent side effect reported with Hustlin® and similar prescriptions such as CrushinIT®. Tell your mentor about any ineffectiveness you cannot control, as they may be signs of OM. OM may not go away, even if you stop taking Hustlin®. OM may also start after you stop taking Hustlin®.

Increases in income can happen in some people who take Hustlin®. Extremely high cash flow can lead to an increase in ego. If you have an ego or risk factors for an ego (such as being a dick), you should check your ego before you start Hustlin®. Call your life coach if you have any symptoms of hubris while taking Hustlin®:

  • feel like kind of a big deal
  • the need to remind everyone how successful you are
  • cockiness
  • floral bowel movements.

Some people may gain weight while taking Hustlin®. You should check your weight regularly. Try working out.

Hustlin® can affect your judgment, thinking, and skills. You should not drive sales or launch anything until you know how Hustlin® affects you.

Hustlin® may make you more sensitive criticism. You may have trouble cooling down. Be careful when adding a comment section to your blog, as this may increase negative responses.

Avoid eating grapefruits while on Hustlin® because they’re bitter and gross.

Tell your team about all the work you plan to take on since there are some risks for interactions with Hustlin®.

Drink alcohol while taking Hustlin®. Try a glass of wine, craft beer, or Negroni to get the creative juices flowing.

The most common side effects of Hustlin® include sleepiness or drowsiness; restlessness or feeling like you need to move around; difficulty moving, slow movements, muscle stiffness, or tremor; and nausea.

These are not all the possible side effects of Hustlin®. For more information, brag about it to someone else.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of Hustlin® to Money Lab. Visit