A Rap Album Called Entreprenuer by Matt Giovanisci

This Rap Album Was Made In 30 Days

My name is Matt Giovanisci. I'm what some would call a "serial entrepreneur." I challenged myself to produce and sell a rap album in 30 days. I wanted to prove that artists can make money selling music without a label. I started on July 1st 2016 and finished on July 30th.

I recorded this album in my home office. I made all the beats in Logic Pro X with samples and live instruments. I recorded the vocals with a Shure SM7B mic, a Mackie USB mixing board, and studio-quality headphones. And I worked with a handful of talented musicians from around the world.

The album loosely follows my life as an online entrepreneur. The title of the album is purposely spelled wrong – I’ve never been able to spell that word right. It’s also a metaphor about the mistakes and missteps all business owners make, but never talk about.

You can stream the album for free or buy it below. I recommend you buy it. It's only $10. That's less than the last item you bought on Amazon.

Stream This Dope-Ass Album For FREE

You can ONLY stream the full album here. So crank up your speakers and subs, and be prepared to have your fucking mind blown!

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Who Made This Shit?

I did, motherfucker! My name is Matt Giovanisci. My Twitter bio says I'm an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. I run multiple businesses and earn well over six-figures annually like a baller!

I've been making dope beats and rhymes since 2000. I've used those talents to help promote my brands, including Swim University, Roasty Coffee, and Money Lab.

Matt Giovanisci - Music Producer and Rapper

Thanks and Shout Outs

I want to thank all of those who helped make this album possible. I'd like to give a general thank all the artists, songwriters, and many others behind the scenes who donated in countless ways to help. Everyone who has participated in this project, in even a small way, profusely expresses how glad they are to be included.

Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Make The Album

Shoutout to Everyone Who Helped With The Music Video