Products I’ve Made and Affiliate Links That Make Me Money

This is a page full of products I’ve made and affiliate links for things I like. If you click on any of the links and buy, I make money – either directly or through commissions.

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Earnist WordPress Plugin

Earnist is a WordPress plugin for managing affiliate links that I built in 40 days with my friend, JP. This started as a custom plugin I built for myself three years ago and I finally decided to sell it.

If you have a WordPress site and currently, or want to, make money with affiliate products (including Amazon Associates), then this plugin is perfect. I’m using it on all my websites and it has increased my conversion rates and revenue by a lot.
Click here to buy!

Asana For Bloggers

Asana for Bloggers

This is the third challenge I did on this site. I’ve been using Asana to run all of my websites (including this one) I also use it to run my personal life and everyone on my team. I’ve walked others through my Asana workspace and they’re amazed at how easy and efficient it runs. So I created this 3-hour video course on how I use Asana to manage my blogs. Get organized and better at managing your blog using Asana today: Click here to buy!

WP Engine

WP Engine

I pay them to host all my websites, including this one. I switched to them back in March 2016. It was worth the money because my other hosting company sucked. Worst customer service EVER! And that’s why I love WP Engine. There’s always someone to talk to and they understand WordPress.



I send all my mass emails through them, including to you! I used to subscribe to another service, but I switched because MailChimp was pretty. Looks are important to me. Looks and functionality.

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