NOTE: I'm not currently selling this plugin at the moment. Why? Because I'm working on a new version and rebrand of this plugin with Andrew Fiebert called Lasso. It's gonna be like Earnist on Speed. Or Earnist on Steroids. Or Earnist on 50 million cups of strong black coffee. Whichever your drug of choice, Earnist will be rebranded and remarketed as Lasso in early 2019.
Earnist - A premium Wordpress plugin for affiliate marketers.

Monetize Your Blog Fast with Beautiful and Compliant Affiliate Links That Convert!

A premium Wordpress plugin that manages and displays your affiliate links from any affiliate program, including directly Amazon Associates!

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Display your affiliate links loud and proud to increase your conversion rates.

Earnist helps your affiliate links stand out. Each Earnist affiliate link includes a product photo, description, and an accurate price.

We believe that when visitors know what a product looks like, the actual price of the product, and where they’ll be taken when they click, they’ll be more likely to buy.

This transparency and design helps increase conversion rates and commissions.

Earnist also lets you search and add affiliate links from your inventory right in the Wordpress editor. You can add a simple text link or a display box that makes your links stand out in the posts.

Search, add, and update Amazon Associate links without leaving Wordpress.

Earnist connects to your Amazon Associate account so you can search and add products right in Wordpress.

It'll even automatically update your Amazon prices every hour! This means the prices displayed on your blog are always accurate.

NOTE: Earnist works with ALL affiliate programs, but this is a special feature for Amazon Associate users.

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Click for a larger preview

Create custom affiliate links that'll work with any affiliate program or network.

It doesn't matter what affiliate program or network you use, Earnist works with all of them! In fact, you can add and manage any URL on the internet, including ones from your own website.

Add your own custom affiliate link with a URL, title, price, description, and image. You can even update them whenever you want in one place.

Manage your affiliate links in one place and track how they perform.

Earnist helps you keep a tight inventory of your affiliate links by allowing you to manage them in one place instead of on each post or page.

Finally you can see what you've already linked to and how many times it has been clicked. And on top of all that, it's simple and easy-to-use.

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Keep your URLs looking pretty with optional link cloaking.

Every affiliate link you add to Earnist can be cloaked using your domain name and brand. These short and memorable URLs are convenient for videos and podcasts.

NOTE: When you add links to your posts and pages, Earnist will use the full, original URL to comply with certain affiliate programs’ rules and regulations.

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Click for a larger preview

Completely customize your affiliate links with images, descriptions, and pricing info.

You can fully customize all of your affiliate links by uploading your own image and adding your own description.

Also, you can include a full text price to any link. For example, you can display an affiliate product with a price reading, "Starting at $29 a Month."

Disclose every affiliate link on your entire blog with one-click.

Earnist will automatically add a custom written disclosure to display and in-text links.

Now all of your blog posts will have the appropriate affiliate disclosures with one click (and you won't risk your affiliate account being shut down by the FTC!).

Hover over this linkWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. to see a live preview of the in-text link hover disclosure.

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Built and Tested With By Professional Affiliate Marketers

Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent

Barron Cuadro

Earnist centralizes all my affiliate links, making organizing easy. And now Amazon links are easily added through a built-in search and prices are automatically updated everyday! If you like money but hate updating old affiliate links, Earnist is your jam.

Carrie Nicholson of Careful Cents

Carrie Nicholson

Earnist is the plugin I've been waiting for! I can customize colors and fonts of my affiliate links to match my site. And within a few days of using Earnist, it has tripled my average Amazon earnings! I'll be using it for all my affiliate products and updating past blog posts.

Kayla Sloan of

Kayla Sloan

I used to add in all of my Amazon links manually, but my conversion rates were low and the links were unattractive. Soon after I installed Earnist, it increased my click-throughs and made my posts stand out from the rest of my competition.

Travis Sherry of Extra Pack of Peanuts

Travis Sherry

Before, it was just random text links or ugly, non-formatted images. Now, everything is clean, consistent, and looks great! Plus, it's so easy. I was able to whip up a 44-product gift guide in just two hours. I love Earnist so much!

Philip Taylor of and FinCon

Philip Taylor

Earnist makes my affiliate offers pop, leading to tangible conversion increases! I've moved all of my affiliate links to Earnist and I'm excited about future plugin updates.

Ian Hoyt of Life Nomading

Ian Hoyt

This plugin is the bomb. Thank you for creating it. Frick yes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earnist right for me?

Are you a blogger using WordPress who wants a better way to monetize your website with affiliate links? Then, YES!

What if I hate Earnist?

"Hate" is a strong word, but if you're not digging the plugin, we'll give you your money back if you've been using the plugin less than 90 days.

How long does it take to install Earnist?

Uh, like two seconds. You can start adding sweet-ass affiliate links in like 10 seconds after that.

Will it work with other affiliate programs, like Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Share-A-Sale, etc.?

It 100% works with every single affiliate program/network available as long as you add your links manually. The only program that's fully integrated with a search feature is Amazon Associates, but there's more to come.

Is there a free trial or a demo version I can use to test out the plugin before I buy?

We can't offer a free trial because Earnist is an installable WordPress plugin. And we don't have a demo version at the moment, but we have a 90-day money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Can I use Earnist if I don't use Wordpress?

Earnist is a plugin that only works with Wordpress.

Will the Earnist plugin stop working (and will I lose all my links and settings) if I don't renew the yearly subscription?

You won't lose all your links and settings, but you won't be able to add new links or manage your existing links. And you'll be missing out on new automatic updates and customer support. In other words, if you want to continue using Earnist, you should renew your subscription every year.

Can I use Earnist if I have Wordpress Multisite?

Yes! That was easy.

Will I earn more money with my affiliate links by using Earnist?

We can't guarantee that you'll earn more money, but in our experience, if you add more beautifully displayed links with transparent information, you're more likely to get more qualified clicks. That's the whole reason we created this plugin.

What if I have more questions about Earnist or need help using it?

You can visit our support page. And we have a team of people (including the creators of the plugin) standing by to help via email.